What a pleasure it was to sing at St Margaret’s Church in Aspley at the end of March – a wonderful church and an even more wonderful cause. Rex (Rowe – Master Baker) had visited us one Tuesday evening to thank us for the offer to perform a fundraising concert for Cardiac Support at St Margaret’s. This was to be in memory of his wife Sandra who had recently passed away and Rex’s devotion to her was very evident in his words to us.

Our concert was billed as ‘An Evening of Light Entertainment’, which gave us the ideal excuse to be a bit silly, dramatic and downright emotional! The acoustics in the Church were amazing and it was a great pleasure to sing to a full house. Rex’s charm obviously worked with the ticket sales! We were warmly welcomed by the church members and had our own dedicated rehearsal room – full of amazing cakes! I don’t know what the audience had at break time, but we were well stuffed by the end of the evening. Some choir members even took some home for supper! Rex, of course, being a master baker, had risen to the task and given us a range of savoury and sweet treats. I particularly liked the caramel tarts – I had to eat 3 just to make sure that they were my favourites!

caramel tarts

(not as good as Rex’s!)



Starting the concert with a rousing ‘I’m gonna sing’ set the tone for the evening and every song was applauded enthusiastically – you could feel the joy in the room. Our first half was a mixture of lyrical, dreamy and swing – ending with a rousing rendition of ‘Amarillo’ and a bit of Peter Kay stomping. We even had a few mobile phone lights swaying in ‘Run’. The ever-wonderful Bling Singers did a lovely performance of ‘May it Be’ which I had never heard before – much to the amazement of my fellow altos. I now have to watch the whole of the Lord of the Rings film trilogy in atonement for my ignorance! It is a great song and was sung beautifully.

Now I have to mention the raffle. Raffle? It was more like ‘how much amazing stuff can we give away for 50p?’ Huge hampers and I loved the fact that the first and last ticket got a hamper – better than finding that the last prize is that tea cosy you’ve seen 3 times before at previous raffles. A tribute again to Rex and his gang of fundraisers who must have worked hard to gain such generous prizes. I didn’t get a prize. I’m not bitter! I had 3 caramel tarts!


After stuffing our faces during the interval, we managed to get back on the stage for Part 2. Wow! I wonder what Rex put in his cakes because everyone – singers and audience – were fired up. We started, though, with ‘Finaste eg veit’, as a tribute to Rex and Sandra. I think he liked that. Next performance of the moving song – Lyn and Mike’s wedding? Then lots of rousing singing, including another Bling Singers classic – and lots of smouldering flirting in ‘Can’t take my eyes off you’ leading up to the climax of the evening. Yes – the one, the only, Pete Bone doing his jolly best to render both choir and audience helpless with laughter. Gosh, we love that song and aren’t we getting good at the actions? It’s almost like a Broadway show. I feel a need for sequins and devil masks!


Talking of Broadway shows, I could not end without mentioning our young fans on the front row, especially the crazy, cool one with the hat. You want to watch him when he’s a bit older!

Wasn’t it a great evening? Rex has recently posted that the concert raised c£1800 to be divided between St Margaret’s Church and Cardiac Support. We loved it and I’m sure would love to do it all again. Well done all, but especially Rex for putting his heart and soul into the event.



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